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Psychedelic Beings

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Psychedelic beings project is a new project, telling the story of psyfamily transformational events that opened themselves to be connected and explore festivals and traveling with self awareness.

Gaia Ward


   I started to travel when I was 21years old before I graduated university. I was going to work in normal company after graduation but traveling India change my plans... I saw many things I didn't know yet, I discovered new things, so I kept on traveling. When I got to China I met rainbow gathering guys who taught me making macrame jewelry and playing juggling. My first psytrance festival in Europe was ozora, 2011. After few festivals in Europe I felt like European psytrance festivals were my home and the people there were my family. I kept on coming back for festival season every summer, where I could feel comfortable and easy to be myself, people there appreciate my handmade work. positive vibes, connections. especially at dance floor where i met a lot of beautiful faces. some of them traveling by their own skills, own art, own style. 

 every person gave me inspirations that i couldn't get from traveling. I can be vitalized from each person who is traveling by their own way. 

 Today ,11 years after my first travel, I am still travelling, selling my jewelries wherever I go and doing fire performances and following psytrance party.

              Gaia Ward 

   I was lucky to be born into this world, growing up with conscious parents and spending my childhood as a dusty faced mischievous festival urchin. But it wasn't until I was 18 that I began to find my own place in the psychedelic family, irrespective of my parents. 

At Triplicity Festival I was overwhelmed by the inclusive magic of it all. I'd never been surrounded by so many beautiful, inspiring, smiling people- and I'd never been made to feel more welcome.

Despite being a new face, every person I encountered treated me with complete sincerity and endless love.

The first night there I watched a man spin fire with more skill, grace and power than I'd ever seen, I romanticised that he'd grown up in a circus in some far off land and was overcome with a desire to know him. 

The second night I looked up and saw the most incredible shooting star I'd ever seen before or since, a bright orange flaming rocket, blue at its core and leaving a yellow trail behind it across the sky; it was like living in a dream.

I was at home, and more at peace with myself than I'd ever been; the only thing that was missing was my partner of 2 years, but I didn't miss him, and somewhere knew that I wouldn't have found this contentedness in myself if he'd been there with me. It took being in this new space, with new people to give me a new way of seeing myself; and only then could I see clearly the distance that had grown between me and my first love.

I still loved him, but I was no longer the girl he had fallen in love with, I had changed, and we had grown apart.

Being at Triplicity gave me a glimpse of the potential I had inside me, and of the person I felt most comfortable and content being- and also showed me that the person id loved was holding me back. 

I got home and told him everything, assuring him that there was no fault or blame to be placed, that there was nothing anyone could have done differently. Merely that I was different now, and asking him to set me free.


Today, by a beautiful twist of serendipity, that man who inspired me is my one of my closest friends. Far from the life I'd imagined for him, he grew up in the town across from where I lived and by some fluke invited me to a fire jam. It grew from there. Now summers are spent touring in my bus from festival to festival with the fire tribe. I'm working on developing my skill in fire and performance arts, as well as traveling as much as I can and connecting with as much of my global family as possible.


 This Psychedelic beings interview was made by recordings and while she talks you can hear the Moroccan authentic moazin voice singing at the background :) <3

  I have to say that the most intense and the deeper psychedelic experience, awareness and kind like other dimension feeling is a mix of things:
  The family and where you come from is a huge part of who you gonna be. i had the luck of having a very hippie family. they took me to india and it was was very present in my life. when i was a child i was always staying with parents and friends partying hard. My parents that had india stuff in the house, the music and lounge kind of feeling.
  It also comes from the festivals tentious community and travelling. Ofcourse nothing else can be as strong as the first time. The first festival was Ozora and when i went there i met all the people i met while travelling. i had a friend in india that had a shop in the festival. i met the right people to start everything with and always did things from love and the right amount.
  And now after all the travelling i discovered the vipassana here in india, all the meditation, you can get to amazing states.
  There is a river of experiences in my life, just thousand of events that every time open something inside of me. Like every meeting is precious to my eyes, is something special. every meeting makes me grow and i'm growing every day.

              Lea Blt 

   It was 4 years ago i was student at this time i went to the Boom festival and it was a revelation, revelation about my life. Finally i saw the life i want and i saw some people who have this life. I met some amazing souls and they change my life forever. After this i came back in france and i saw all my life in a different way i was totally disconnected with the life i had, i was in the beginning of a depression until i decided to put all of this shit away. I didn't know where i was going but i felt i had to do it. I left my studys and the work i had and it was the beginning of beautiful life, awake, conscious, travel, love and free. I was liberate and every moment starts to become amazing and it will be perfect.

I remember one meeting with old guy who traveled since a while, we talked a lot together but one of his phrase stayed in my mind forever. "Life is about decisions, your life depends of what you want to do, feel and base your actions on". 
  After this everything comes to you, and you know that everything is possible, explore yourself and try to do the best with.

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